Marshals and Admirals of the Fleet of the Soviet Union

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    History of the rank, uniform

    Pre-War Marshals

    Marshals conferred during Soviet actions in WW II (1941-1945)

    Post-War Marshals (1946-1990) 


   History of the rank, uniform

   Kuznetsov, Isakov and Gorshkov 


   History of the ranks, uniform

   List of the Chief Marchals 

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The Internet offers sites on the Soviet history, including military history, in abundance. But while an Internet user can easily access, e.g., a list of Marshals of France of XI-XVIII or XIX-XX centuries, the complete and exact list of people conferred the supreme (next only to Generalissimo) military rank of the USSR is not so easy to be found.

This site, besides the complete list, contains biographical data concerning each Marshal and gives links to the best websites dedicated to them.

This site contains, with possible completeness, the information from these two books:

V. A. Egorshin. Fel'dmarshaly i marshaly. — M., Patriot, 2000. (Russian: Vsevolod A. Egorshin. Field Marshals and Marshals. — Moscow, Patriot, 2000)
Marshaly Sovetskogo Sojuza: Lichnye dela rasskazyvajut. — M., Ljubimaja kniga, 1996. (Russian: Marshals of the Soviet Union: What the Personal Files Tell. — Moscow, Favourite book, 1996)

The personal information from the both books is placed on the pages linked to the photo of a Marshal in the main list (WARNING! This information is temporarily available only in Russian). These pages also contain colour portraits of the Marshals, painted by Vsevolod A. Egorshin. 

An important observation is to be made. Often a reader cannot understand without a necessary context which rank a person, commonly referred to as Marshal, had. For example, Marshal Pokryshkin was Marshal of Air Forces (this rank corresponds to a Soviet rank of General of the Army), Marshal Nedelin was Chief Marshal of Artillery, and Marshal Rokossovski was Marshal of the Soviet Union. These three military ranks are quite different. If even Russians confuse these terms so easily, it is not surprising that the foreign sources sometimes present us fantastic data, e. g. Nedelin is called Field Marshal (a rank never held by Russian officers since 1912). 

Our list contains only the names of the officers who had the supreme rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union (since 1955 an equal naval rank, "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union", was established), and the Chief Marshals of all the branches (for more details, click here).

The photos of Grigori I. Kulik, Nikolai A. Bulganin, Sergei F. Akhromeev, Semen K. Kurkotkin and Dmitri T. Jazov are taken from the book Marshals of the Soviet Union: What the Personal Files Tell (Moscow, 1996), the photo of Lavrenti P. Beria from the article by Valery Lebedev Po doroge k svjatomu Lavrentiju (Russian, On the way to St. Laurence;  see the link in the corresponding section). All the other portraits are taken from the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, 1972-1977 edition (an electronic version, http://www.rubricon.ru).

The sources concerning the history of the ranks and the uniforms are indicated in the corresponding sections.

The overwhelming majority of the external links refer to sites in Russian. For translations, use the online translators, such as http://translate.ru.

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